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Cleaning Products
AFL Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

Enclosures (OSP & Premise)
Fiber Optic Enclosure- Demarcation
Fiber Optic Enclosures - Wall Mount
AFL Wall Mount Enclosures
AFL Fiber Optic Wall Mount (Outside)
Splice Trays
Splice Tray AFL
Fiber Optic Enclosures - Outside Plant
Fiber Optic Splice Closure AFL
Fiber Optic Enclosures- Rack Mount
AFL Fiber Optic Rackmount Enclosure

Fiber Optic Cable
Indoor Fiber Optic Cable
PRO Duplex Fiber Optic Cable
Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
AFL Non-Armored LT Optical Cable SJ

Mechanical Splices
AFL SpliceConnect Mechanical Splices

Inspection Scopes and Probes
Noyes DFS 1 Digital FiberScope

Noyes OTDR Line
Noyes FlexScan OTDR FS200

Fusion Splicer Rentals

Splice Sleeves
AFL Splice Sleeves

Tools & Tool Kits
Fiber Tool Kits
AFL Tool Kits

Connectors & Adapters
Fiber Optic Connector - Quick/Mechanical
AFL Fast Connectors
Fiber Optic Connectors - Splice-On
AFL Splice on Connectors

FTTX Cables
Drop Cables
AFL Trident Dielectric Drop Cable
AFL Titan RTD Toneable Drop Cable
AFL Trident Toneable Drop Cable
AFL Titan RTD Dielectric Drop Cable

Fusion Splicers
AFL Fujikura Fusion Splicers
Fujikura FSM-11 Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 12S Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 18S/18R Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 19S/19R Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 22S Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura PM Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 50S/50R Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 60S/60R Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 62S Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura 70S/70R Series Fusion Splicers
Fujikura/AFL Accessories
Fujikura Cleavers/ Accessories
Fujikura Fiber Holders
Misc. Fujikura Tools and Accessories
Fujikura Power/ Battery Accessories

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