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Bare Fiber Adapters
Bare Fiber Adapters for Power Meters

Cleaning & Inspection Kits
EXFO Cleaning and Inspection Kits

CWDM Testing Equipment
EXFO CWDM Testing Equipment

DWDM Testing Equipment
EXFO DWDM Testing Equipment

Pulse Suppressors
Launch Test Cable for FTB-200
Pulse Suppressor Box

Optical Fiber Identifiers
EXFO OFI (Optical Fiber Identifier)

Fiber Optic Return Loss Meters
EXFO Insertion Loss & Return Loss Meters

Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzers
EXFO Optical Spectrum Analyzers

OTDR Software
EXFO OTDR Software

Fiber Optic Test Set Kits
EXFO Test Set Kits

Visual Fault Locators
EXFO Visual Fault Locators

EXFO Access (AXS) 100/110 Series OTDRs
EXFO AXS-300 Series
EXFO FTB-1 Modular OTDR Platform
EXFO FTB-1-720 OTDR Test Kits (MF & MOD)
EXFO FTB-1-730 OTDR Test Kits (MF & MOD)
EXFO FTB-1 OTDR w/iOLM Test Kits
EXFO FTB-1-720 iOLM Test Kits (MF & MOD)
EXFO FTB-1-730 iOLM Test Kits (MF & MOD)
EXFO FTB-400 OTDR Platform
MaxTester 940/945 OLTS
EXFO MAX-700B/C Series OTDR's
EXFO OTDR Accessories
EXFO OTDR Modules FTB-200/500's
EXFO OTDR Modules 7X00X Series
EXFO FTB-500 Modular OTDR Platform
EXFO FTB-500 1st OTDR Module Option (A)
EXFO FTB-500 2nd OTDR Module Option (B)
EXFO FTB-500 MaxTester Option (C)
EXFO FTB-5800 CD Module for TK-500 (CD3)
EXFO FTB-5500B PMD Module for TK-500 (E)
EXFO FTB-500/200 MultiTest Option (M)
EXFO FTB-500 OSA Modules (FTB-5240S)
EXFO FTB-500-S1 OTDR Kits: Add Mods
EXFO FTB-1V2/PRO Modular OTDR Platforms
EXFO FTB-1V2 700C Series Modules
EXFO FTB-1V2-PRO NetBlazer Series
EXFO FTB-1V2 Mainframes
EXFO FTB-200 V2 Modular OTDR Platform
EXFO FTB-200 V2 Mainframes
* EXFO FTB-200 V2 OTDR Test Kits *
EXFO TK-200 Second Module Options.
EXFO FTB-200V2-S1 OTDR Kits: MF & 1 MOD

Network Testing Solutions
LAN Testers
EXFO AXS-200 Series Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200 Mainframe
EXFO AXS-200/360 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/610 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/620 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/625 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/630 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/635 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/650 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/850 Network Testers
EXFO AXS-200/805/855 Network Testers
EXFO Network Testers Accessories

Transport & Datacom
EXFO Transport and DataCom
EXFO FTB-2-PRO Multitechnology Platform
EXFO FTB-8120/8130 Power Blazer Modules
EXFO FTB-860 Netblazer Series
EXFO FTB-880 Netblazer Series
EXFO FTB-8830NGE Power Blazer Modules
EXFO FTB-881XX Power Blazer Modules

Fiber Characterization
Fiber Characterization Kits
EXFO Fiber Characterization Kits

Fiber Optic Light Sources
EXFO Light Sources
FiberBasix 100 Series
FLS-300 Series
FiberBasix 50 Series
FiberBasix 500 Series
FLS-600 Series

Inspection Scopes and Probes
EXFO Video Probes and Inspection Tips
EXFO Video Inspection Scopes
EXFO Fiber Inspection Probe Accessories
EXFO FIP-400 Inspection Kits w/ Display
EXFO Video Probe Tips

Fiber Optic Power Meters
EXFO Fiber Optic Power Meters
FPM-300 Series
FiberBasix 500 Series
FiberBasix 100 Series
PON Power Meter
FiberBasix 50 Series Power Meter
FPM-600 Series

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