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Categories under AFL/Noyes

Fiber Optic Attenuators
Variable Attenuators

Cleaning Products
AFL Fiber Optic Cleaning Products
FiberOptic Cleaning Products
Kim Wipes
Optic Prep

DWDM Testing Equipment
AFL DWDM Testing Equipment

Optical Fiber Identifiers
AFL/Noyes OFI (Optical Fiber Identifier)

Fiber Optic Light Sources
Noyes Light Source

Inspection Scopes and Probes
Fiber Optic Inspection Hand-held Scopes
Noyes Hand-held Video Inspection Scopes
Noyes DFS 1 Digital FiberScope
* Noyes DFS 1 Digital FiberScope Kits *
Noyes DFS 1 Inspection Adapter Tips
JDSU/Westover Scopes & Video Accessories

Noyes OTDR Line
Noyes OTDR Accessories
Noyes C850 QUAD OTDR (PM, LS, VFL)
Noyes C860 QUAD OTDR and Certifier Kit
Noyes FLX380 SM OTDR (PM, LS, VFL)
Noyes M200 OTDR (VFL)
Noyes M200 w/ Old User Interface
Noyes M200 w/ Touch and Test (tm) Soft.
Noyes M210 OTDR (PM, VFL)
Noyes M700 OTDR (PM, VFL)
Noyes CS260 Contractor OTDR Series
Noyes FlexScan OTDR FS200
Noyes M310 Data Center OTDR
Noyes M710 Multifunction OTDR
Noyes OFL250 1550nm OTDR (PM, LS, VFL)
Noyes OFL280 SM OTDR (PM, LS, VFL)

OTDR Software
AFL/Noyes OTDR Software

Fiber Optic Power Meters
NOYES Fiber Optic Power Meters
Noyes CSM 1 Power Meter
Noyes OPM 1 Power Meter
Noyes OPM 4 Power Meter
Noyes OPM 5 Power Meter

Pulse Suppressors
Noyes Fiber Ring

Fiber Optic Test Set Kits
Noyes Test Set Kits

Talk Sets
Noyes Talk Sets

Visual Fault Locators
Noyes Visual Fault Locators

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