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Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived which brings about the commencement of many activities such as spring training for ball players, spring cleaning for homeowners, and spring maintenance on flower beds, cars and more.

Like others, why not consider spring training for your employees in order for them to fine tune their skills, clean up bad habits, and learn how to maintain efficiency, accuracy and high performance.  Through training, they will receive “the best hands on” with updated equipment, standards, documentation, techniques and skills.

In this issue read about why training and its facility is among the best in the industry and also about the many programs it has to offer including BICSI Information Transport Systems programs.

In addition, read our interview with a very loyal and satisfied customer explaining why he continues to send employees back to training.  New training locations are now offered around the country so take a peek below for those nearest to you.

Please read further for other exciting industry content which we hope you will find informative and helpful. In fact, e-mail and tell us what you'd like to see.  Not only will we incorporate your suggestions in future issues, but will enter you into a drawing to win a polo shirt. Congratulations to Lamar Beard of Nortel, our winner for last quarter. Check out his article suggestions in our Technology Links section.

Warm Regards,

Julie Nay Signature
Julie Nay

In This Issue...
"...the data communications industry is moving to 40 and 100 Gb/s Ethernet transmission speeds. What are the applications and key network points driving the need for 40 and 100 Gb/s in public networks and private enterprises? Who are the most likely early adopters of this next generation
technology? This article presents answers to these questions, and explains why temporary solutions such as Link Aggregation are not ideal to fully address these overloaded

To read more on this subject written by Andrew Oliviero, Senior Product Manager at OFS, please visit our technology information section below.

About The Training Facility

BICSI Approved Training Facility

The state of the art training facility in Lehigh Valley, PA is conveniently located approximately one hour northwest of Philadelphia and ninety miles southwest of New York City.  Our training facility occupies 1,500 square feet of space (as shown in the photos) and emulates an on-the-job setting so students can easily apply their knowledge once back in the field.  Since we are the number one online equipment distributor, students have access to the most recent equipment models in the industry. Highlights for consideration include, Hoffman Racks, the latest fusion splicers and OTDR models, plus we have introduced Panasonic security cameras soon to be incorporated into our curriculum. training programs consist of fiber optic courses ranging from beginner to master technician level, premise wiring systems, outside plant, wireless and military applications.

BICSI Approved Training Facility

In addition, we are an Information Transport Systems BICSI approved facility.   This means our instructors and equipment  have been approved to provide installers with the proper methods of installing data, voice and video cabling within the confines of a commercial building structure.   An authorized BICSI training facility must have a certified BICSI trainer who has successfully completed the train the trainer program and must continue furthering their education to maintain their certificate. Read about our certified BICSI instructor below.

We make a consistent effort to improve our training especially through the feedback from our customers.  Fortunately, our results generate a 99% approval rating! 

For those who cannot visit our Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania facility, we now offer training at different locations around the country.  Please visit for new locations.

BICSI Approved Training Facility

OPEN HOUSE - Tour Our Training Facility

On Thursday June 26, from 4-6pm, the training facility will be open for touring, and to view our latest equipment.  If you would like to visit, please contact Julie Nay, training coordinator, at 484.397.4159 or via email  
Note: Please mention if you would like to demo specific equipment.

News Highlight For BICSI CECs

BICSI Approved Training Facility

The fiber school at is a BICSI-approved facility providing courses for individuals with no Information Transport Systems experience as well as for highly experienced individuals seeking continuing education.

BICSI has approved Continuing Education Credits for the following courses from our fiber optic training program:

FOT-FOF Fiber Optic Fundamentals

“Effective November 26, 2007, BICSI recognizes Fundamentals of Fiber Optics training for the following BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs).”

12 RCDD12 OSP12 Installer/Technician

FOT-CFI Fiber Optic Certified Installer

“Effective November 26, 2007, BICSI recognizes Certified Fiber Optic Installer training for the following BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs).”

24 RCDD 24 OSP 24 Installer/Technician

These credits will be valid for a two-year term from the date of this letter or until the content and/or duration of the course changes, whichever comes first.

BICSI CECs are issued ONLY to BICSI credential holders.

A signed certificate will be issued to each individual who completes the curriculum.

BISCI Course Offerings

  • BICSI IN100 - Beginner level
  • BICSI IN200 - Two years experience
  • BICSI TE300 - Advanced cabling for 5 years or more experience

For more information about BICSI courses vist:

New Locations!

Certified Fiber Installer (FOT-CFI) - (4 Days) Certified Fiber Installer course focuses on Basic Network Design, Fusion Splicing, and OTDR Testing, and for those installing, testing, and maintaining fiber optic communication systems who are involved with outside and premise wiring systems.

Highlights: Fiber Optic Theory, History, Applications; Cable Selection/Preparation; Connectorization/Termination; Enclosures/Cabel Management and Optical Loss Testing; Documentation; Standards

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – ITT College’s 4 day FOT-CFI Certified Fiber Installer Training is now offered monthly at ITT College in Harrisburg, PA and provides a tuition discount for members of the Technology Council of Western Pennsylvania.

Other Locations Around the Nation

Orlando, Florida – May 5-8

Baltimore, Maryland – May 12-15

Albany, New York – June 9-13

Jersey City, NJ – July 14-18

Orlando, Florida – August 18-21

Atlanta, GA  - September 22-25

Please contact Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or via email for information about registering.

Former students are eligible for a 10% discount!

Course Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to cancel the master technician course in the event of low attendance and upon cancellation will provide a full refund for any deposit made.

Winners of Last Quarter's Drawings

   Lamar Beard of Nortel has won a golf shirt for his suggestion of including an article on cleaning and inspection in our technology links section below.
See his article in the Technology Links section below.

   Ann of the New York Senate has won a $50.00 American Express gift card for providing professional references for training prospects.
Find out how you can win in the Promotions section below.

Custom On-Site training is available within the Unites States and Worldwide.
For more information call 877.529.9114 or go online at

  7-11 IN200 BICSI ITS Installer Level 2 (5 days) $1,395*
*NEW* 12-15 FOT-CFI-BA-MD Certified Fiber Installer (Baltimore, MD) $1,500
*NEW* 12-15 FOT-CFI-ITT Certified Fiber Installer at ITT, Harrisburg PA $1,350
*NEW* 12-16 FOT-MFOT-AN-CA Master Fiber Optic Technician (Anaheim, CA) $3,525
  12-16 IN100 BICSI ITS Installer Level 1 (5 days) $1,395*
  19-20 FOT-FOF Fiber Optic Fundamentals (2 days) $600
  19-20 PWT-PWSF Premise Wiring Syst. Fundamentals (2 days) $600
  19-21 PWT-PWSI Premise Wiring Systems Installer (3 days) $950
  19-22 FOT-CFI Certified Fiber Installer (4 days) $1,350
  19-22 PWT-PWST Premise Wiring Systems Technician (4 days) $1,350
  26-27 FOT-MFS Master In Splicing (2 days) $1,350
  26-29 FOT-OSPI Fiber Optic Outside Plant Installer (4 days) $1,350
  26-30 FOT-MFOT Master Fiber Optic Technician (5 days) $3,525
  28-29 FOT-MFT Master In Testing (2 days) $1,350
  7-11 TE300 BICSI ITS Technician Course (5 days) $1,395*
*NEW* 9-12 FOT-CFI-AL-NY Certified Fiber Installer (Albany, NY) $1,500
*NEW* 9-12 FOT-CFI-ITT Certified Fiber Installer at ITT, Harrisburg PA $1,350
  9-13 IN100 BICSI ITS Installer Level 1 (5 days) $1,395*
  16-17 FOT-FOF Fiber Optic Fundamentals (2 days) $600
  16-17 PWT-PWSF Premise Wiring Syst. Fundamentals (2 days) $600
  16-18 PWT-PWSI Premise Wiring Systems Installer (3 days) $950
  16-19 FOT-CFI Certified Fiber Installer (4 days) $1,350
  16-19 PWT-PWST Premise Wiring Systems Technician (4 days) $1,350
*NEW* 16-20 FOT-MFOT-DC Master Fiber Optic Technician (D.C. Metro) $3,525
  23-24 FOT-MFS Master In Splicing (2 days) $1,350
  23-26 FOT-OSPI Fiber Optic Outside Plant Installer (4 days) $1,350
  23-27 FOT-MFOT Master Fiber Optic Technician (5 days) $3,525
  25-26 FOT-MFT Master In Testing (2 days) $1,350
*NEW* 26 4pm-6pm OPEN HOUSE - Training Facility Tour - Call for Info.
  7-11 IN200 BICSI ITS Installer Level 2 (5 days) $1,395*
  14-18 IN100 BICSI ITS Installer Level 1 (5 days) $1,395*
  21-22 FOT-FOF Fiber Optic Fundamentals (2 days) $600
  21-22 PWT-PWSF Premise Wiring Syst. Fundamentals (2 days) $600
  21-23 PWT-PWSI Premise Wiring Systems Installer (3 days) $950
  21-24 FOT-CFI Certified Fiber Installer (4 days) $1,350
  21-24 PWT-PWST Premise Wiring Systems Technician (4 days) $1,350
  28-29 FOT-MFS Master In Splicing (2 days) $1,350
  28-29 FOT-FOWA Fiber Optics for Wireless Applications (2 days) $600
  28-31 FOT-OSPI Fiber Optic Outside Plant Installer (4 days) $1,350
  28-1 FOT-MFOT Master Fiber Optic Technician (5 days) $3,525
  30-31 FOT-MFT Master In Testing (2 days) $1,350
Call 877.529.9114 to register or e-mail
Training Registration Download Training Registration Form & Schedule [100 KB]
*Tuition price only. Does not include the cost of manuals and other course materials.

As our training programs develop, we like to stay current with the innovative technologies, equipment, and techniques of the telecommunications market and would like to share this information with our customers. As a result, we have created a technology section in our quarterly newsletter providing links to informative white papers and industry publications that you might find useful.

Reader Request - Inspection & Cleaning
A January Newsletter reader requested "I would like to see articles about inspection and cleaning of fiber optic interfaces; how does contamination create issues and what are the real issues". As he requested, the following white paper discusses inspection & cleaning of fiber optic interfaces and includes a subtopic on contamination.

•  "Best Practices for Fiber Optic Installation Start With Inspection & Cleaning"
     - PDF Icon Dowload PDF [330 KB]
    Article Courtesy of Fluke Networks

Congratulations to Lamar Beard of Nortel! You have won a Golf Shirt for your request!

Want a chance to win? E-mail newsletter suggestions to Julie Nay at to enter the drawing for Quarter 2.

•  "Increasing Power Margin With High-Performance Optical Fiber "
     - PDF Icon Dowload PDF [54 KB]
    By Andrew Oliviero

•  "INTELLAPATCH™ Panel Provides New Phase of Management Capabilities"
     - PDF Icon Dowload PDF [116 KB]
    APCON White Paper Prepared By Spencer Hall

•  "Tracking PMD from Fiber to Cable"
     - PDF Icon Dowload PDF [361 KB]
    Article Courtesy of OFS

"DO YOU KNOW" Continued...
•  "On the Road to 40 and 100 Gb/s"
     - PDF Icon Dowload PDF [361 KB]
    Article Courtesy of OFS

ARCHIVE: 2008 - Quarter 1
•  White Paper - "Fusion Splicing Today's Single Mode Fibers" - PDF Icon Dowload PDF [203 KB]
    Written by Tim West and Tony Irujo of OFS

•  The Fiber Optic Association Users Guide to Fiber Optic System Design and Installation
To request a topic or to share interesting industry news with others in our next newsletter, please send information to


FEATURED COURSE: BICSI Certification Programs Back to Top BICSI ITS education is offered through three course levels ranging from beginner level up to 5 years + of experience.
The following BICSI Installation courses are offered:

IN100: ITS Installer 1 Training – beginner to 2 years of field experience.

IN200:  ITS installer 2 Training – 2 + years depending on experience

TE300: Technician training – 3+ years of experience

BICSI serves more than 24,000 ITS professionals, including designers, installers and technicians.  To learn more about  BICSI visit

Please stop and visit us at Booth #125 at the BICSI Spring Conference in Nashville Tennessee!

BICSI TE300 – Tri-M Student Experiences

The following TRI-M Network Services employees (pictured below during training) who had attended our BICSI TE300 on April 7-11 express their thoughts about the training they had just received. 

Students in training

Patrick Lavin, a telecommunication Level 4 Technician with 12 years of experience, said “I learned how to reference standards and procedures that will now allow me to work independently.  Prior to this training I had to rely on an RCDD engineer for the information, but now I can be self-reliant."  He also said, “The instructor was very knowledgeable, and made sure that I learned the material.”

Scott Jennings, Foreman, who also has 12 years of experience said, “This course provided very detailed knowledge and skills, and the facility was well equipped and organized.  In comparison to other training facilities I had been to during my career, this was superior and exceeded my expectations.”

These two employees are among the many TRI-M Network Services employees who have attended our training.  Thank you TRI-M for your continued support!

To learn more visit:


About Our BICSI Instructor - Jack Ianire

Jack Ianire has over twenty five years of experience in the Data and Telecommunication Industry. His background encompasses a broad range of technical and educational accomplishments. As an employee of a Fortune 500 company, Jack was responsible for technical and sales training, management and course instruction for BICSI Licensed CIP training sites in Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia. He also has developed and implemented training programs for major manufacturers and distributor groups nationwide.

Jack possess strong communication abilities, extensive knowledge in field and physical plan operations, and analytical trouble shooting capabilities. He has been a member of Building Industry Consultative Service International since 1993; BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer since 1994, and an Information Transport Systems Technician and Certified Instructor for the BICSI Cabling Installation Program since 1997. In addition, Jack is an ETA approved Fiber Optic Installer providing instruction for our Certified Fiber Installer and Master Certification courses.

Tri-M Logo

Our featured client this quarter is TRI-M Network Service Group who has been a very loyal and satisfied customer of The TRI-M Group, LLC is a full service electrical contractor providing quality service for 40 years in the Mid Atlantic Region.

Chris Cessna, project manager of network services manages 35 employees and was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions as to why he sends employees to training on a routine basis. Also, please see our BICSI section which features two TRI-M employees who recently attended training.

Julie: What is Tri-M experiencing in the telecommunications industry that is creating this demand for employee training?
Chris:The Tri-M Network Services Group offers a wide range of Telecommunications solutions for an expansive clientele base. We manage projects for both the small business owner as well as higher education campuses and industrial plants. We find that owners and construction management firms are taking more “ownership” regarding their network systems and infrastructure, knowing that it is the heart of their business. They are increasingly more knowledgeable in the telecommunications industry. These organizations recognize the importance and advantage of utilizing BICSI certified installers for their structured cabling projects. Utilizing Tri-M technicians who carry these certifications assures them of a high-quality product, long term solution and a confidence level that we feel sets Tri-M apart.

Julie: What specific skills were you expecting your employees to acquire from training?
Chris: I want every one of our Structured Cabling Technicians to be intimately familiar with BICSI Standards, having “hands-on” experience with Fiber Splicing and Testing. Advanced knowledge in Copper Testing Equipment Administration and Copper Fiber/Media Theory establishes Tri-M Network Services as the premier solutions provider in our area.

Julie: You had sent several employees to our 4 day Certified Fiber Installer course and our BICSI TE300 technician course. Did anything particular happen out in the field in which your employees had to utilize their newly acquired skills from either of these courses? For example, were there any emergency repairs in which training really benefited all involved?
Chris: Fiber Splicing/Fiber Technology is being applied on a daily basis by our team of skilled technicians. Because of the advanced training our technicians have received, we are able to execute emergency fiber splicing in numerous applications, including underground duct bank, large campus and industrial outdoor plant environments.

Julie: Any additional information or feedback you would like to add? For example, have you noticed an improvement in employee’s performance, competency or morale since they have attended training? Any particular piece of equipment in which they are more skilled at using?
Chris: Equipping our team with advanced training and certifications not only sets Tri-M apart from our competitors, but it has increased the confidence level of our individual technicians, improving productivity, efficiency and performance, while in the same thread, advancing their careers within our organization.


Refer A Student Drawing/Discount

American Express Gift Card

Provide a business referral to for training and receive entry into a $50.00 American Express gift drawing on July 15, 2008. In addition, receive a 25% discount on tuition for the next employee you send to our four day Certified Fiber Installer or Master Courses. Email referrals to

Congratulations to Ann of the New York Senate, our winner for this quarter's referral drawing!
Thank you for your support!

FOM Outside Plant Installer Kit

Student Tool Kit Discount

Attention former students. is offering a 20% discount on its TK-S-100 tool kit for those who have attended one of our courses. This applies to all courses as well as onsite training. Please contact a sales representative by calling 877.529.9114 or emailing for details.

Fsm-50s and FREE Training
Agilent E6000C and FREE Training

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Purchase a FULL PRICE Fusion Splicer or OTDR and get FREE training!