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This month, I decided to dedicate our newsletter especially to the premise wiring and IT professionals out there. When building a home or office infrastructure (whether it be fiber or copper), I want you to know that is here to help at every step of the way, from cable and cable management products, network devices, tools and test eqipment to training and equipment rentals.

But we don't just sell stuff, we forge relationships with our customers as their personal consultants to help them develop the creative and expert network solutions they require. I hope you find this issue of our newsletter helpful, informative and useful as a benchmark for launching into your next project.

Best Wishes,
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December Issue
In Stock Specials
The WireScope™ Pro
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Agilent WireScope Pro

The new WireScope™ Pro extends the WireScope 350's capabilites to Category 6A and Classes EA and F cable certification. Cable and network installers gain maximum productivity through industry-leading measurement time, re-designed fiber probes and a new, simultaneous Alien Crosstalk test method.

The new WireScope™ Pro is optimized for testing efficiency: industry-leading measurement speed boosts the test throughput. New Fiber SmartProbes cut test times of optical links by eliminating the need to swap fibers for dual wavelength testing and calibration.

Agilent’s newly developed Alien Crosstalk (AXT) test solution provides superior AXT measurement performance by employing a new, extremely fast and cost-efficient methodology. The new simultaneous measurement method shortens test times from hours to minutes.


  • Cat 3 to 6A/ Class C to E, EA and F copper cable certification
  • Test across AC coupled PoE midspans devices
  • Multimode and single mode fiber certification for length and loss
  • Future-proof through 1…1000 MHz frequency range and software upgradeability
  • Optional N2648A Alien Crosstalk Stimulator Kits certify copper links for 10GBASE-T in minutes
  • Alien Crosstalk measurement to enable 10GBASE-T
  • Real-time spectral analysis of External (Ambient) Noise to characterize cables in a live network
  • User friendly with vendor managed cable database, pre-defined settings and a full workday of battery life
  • Automatic detection of remote connection improves operator efficiency
  • Supports Autotest and continuous measurement
  • Talkset for easy communication between operators

PDF View WireScope 350 Pro Specs [3.2 MB]

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Model Description and Options List Price
N2640A-100 WireScope Pro Cat. 6 / Class E Certification Kit (copper cable only) $7,116.00
N2640A-140 " Cat. 6 / Class E / Singlemode Fiber Certification Kit $11,183.00
N2640A-200 " Cat. 6A / Class EA/F Certification Kit (copper cable only) $7,900.00
N2642A-230 " Cat. 6A / Class EA/F and Multimode Fiber Certification Kit $10,832.00
N2642A-240 " Cat. 6A / Class EA/F and Singlemode Certification Kit $11,950.00
N2643A-150 " Cat. 6 / Class E / Multimode & Singlemode Pro Certification Kit $15,908.00
N2643A-250 " Cat 6A /Class EA/F Multimode & Singlemode Pro Certification Kit $15,400.00
N2647MM " Dual Wavelength Multimode Fiber SmartProbe w/SC Interfaces $3,800.00
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Network Test Equipment provides the full spectrum of copper and fiber network testing needs, from tone and probe kits, copper and fiber verifiers, telephone butt sets, optical loss testers and fault locators.
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Corning Unicam PFC Tool Kit
Tool Kits
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Fiber to the Home…Consider Training!

Fiber to the home is quickly expanding in all areas of the country. Consider having your employees properly trained in fiber optic testing and splicing so you don’t fall behind the competition. The following courses are now being offered.

Certified Fiber Optic Installer Course
  • December 17-20    (Our Location, Lehigh Valley, PA)
  • January 21-24      (Our Location, Lehigh Valley, PA)
  • February 18-21    (Orlando, FL)’s four-day Certified Fiber Installer Course encompasses two days of fiber optic theory and knowledge entailing Cable and Selection Preparation, Connectorization and Termination, Enclosures and Cable Management and two days of hands-on Fusion Splicing and OTDR testing on the latest equipment from top manufacturers. Courses are conducted at our Lehigh Valley, PA training facility or on-site at your location.

Master Certification Courses

Are you or your employees in need of higher level testing and splicing skills? Consider our master certification courses to acquire better troubleshooting and repair techniques. Master Courses include uniquely designed hands-on labs.

Master In Splicing
  • January 28-29
  • February 25-26
Master In Testing
  • January 28-29
  • February 25-26
Master Technician
  • January 28-29
  • February 25-26

Tool Kit

One month remaining to receive Free Fiber Optic Tool Kit Offer when you register for training!

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BICSI Continuing Education Credits Available!

The New Year may require the need for BICSI CEC’s or Re-certification for some of your employees. The following addresses areas of your organization that might be in need of BICSI or fiber optic employee training. Please consider the following:

  1. Are new employees in need of BICSI Installer Level 1 training?
  2. Are any employees up for re-certification for 2007 or 2008?
  3. Are any BICSI Certified Technicians in need of fiber optic training?

If any of these questions need to be addressed, please send an e-mail to Julie Nay at or contact her via phone at 484.397.4159.

Download 2008 Course Catalog Download 2008 Course Catalog [100 KB]

Custom On-Site training is available within the Unites States and Worldwide.
For more information call 877.529.9114 or go online at


Best Practices for Field Testing Fiber Optic Cables

By Michelle Collier, RCDD

"Fiber optic cable provides a low loss medium for high-speed communications.  While the continuous fiber cable itself is low loss, terminations at each access point provide a potential Achilles heel. The biggest cause of signal loss across fiber optic connectors is contamination.  Poor installation practices in pathways and enclosures can also affect the signal loss of the fiber.

The growing prevalence of fiber requires network technicians have a general understanding of fiber optic cable testing to enable them to troubleshoot or qualify cables.  A majority of issues can be identified with two steps – cleaning/inspection of connector end-faces and loss testing.

The TIA/TSB 140 standard requires testing each fiber link with an Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) kit for Attenuation.  This standard considers an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) optional.  An OLTS tester, using the appropriate reference method, will yield the most accurate loss reading. However, the OLTS tester can not characterize the fiber to show the good or bad quality of the fiber spans, connections, and splices.

Clean & Inspect all Connectors

Fiber Size: A quick note regarding size helps to visualize the impact of dust and dirt.  An average human hair is around 85 microns..."

Continue at The FiberForum for Full Article >>

PDF Download a PDF of the Full Article [91 KB] >>


Solve this month's FIBER CHALLENGE question and enter a drawing to win a FREE T-Shirt!* Drawing will close on the 20th of the month.

Answer the following question and simply e-mail the solution to with your name, address, preferred color (Black or White) and Size (XXL, XL, L, M or S). Polo Shirts


TIA/EIA-568-B.3 specifies the maximum insertion loss for a mated connector pair as:
a) 1.00 dB b) 0.75 dB
c) 0.50 dB d) There is no specification for maximum insertion loss
Don't know the answer? Don't forget that offers comprehensive introductory & advanced fiber optic training courses! Visit

Answer To Last Month's FIBER CHALLENGE:

b) increase wavelength

Explanation: Modal dispersion is dependant on many factors including wavelength, core diameter and material properties of the fiber. Higher wavelengths travel faster and more direct paths (less modes) through fiber and therefore are less subject to dispersion.

*There are a limited number of winners each month. Due to international shipping costs, participants outside the United States will receive their prize along with their next order from