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February Issue
Free Inspection Probe
PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Test n'Spect: AXS-110 + FREE FIP Back to Top

Dirty connector
Dirty Connectors.
They're the #1 cause of network damage and failures.
We've got the #1 solution.
EXFO AXS-110 OTDR + EXFO Video Inspection Probe = Clean connector
Buy EXFO's AXS-110 All-Fiber OTDR at Get a FREE Fiber Inspection Probe Save THOUSANDS in network testing and troubleshooting costs

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Fujikura FSM 50R12
Fujikura FSM-50R12 Mass Splicer Kit
The FSM-50R12 features a 45 second tube heater, dual direction monitor position, automatic arc calibration and long battery life (140 splice/heat cycles). Better yet, it's in stock and available for immediate delivery!
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$18,900.00 ea.
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ELS LED Light Source
EXFO ELS-100 LED 850/1300 Light Source
This In-Stock ELS-100 Light Source provides excellent stability and high measurement accuracy for 850/1300nm wavelengths. The EPM-100 Power Meter is also available on
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$725.00 ea.
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FTB-200 Quad Module
FTB-200 With SM/MM Quad Module
This package includes the FTB-200 OTDR Test Platform and the FTB-7200-12CD-23B SM/MM Quad Module.
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$13,790.00 ea.
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T-BERD 60000 Long Range OTDR
T-BERD 6000 Long Range SM OTDR
This package includes the T-BERD 6000 Long Range Singlemode OTDR with E80 Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator
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$14,494.00 ea.
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Certified Fiber Installer (CFI) - $1,350 (4 days)
New locations near you! (see schedule below) Certified Fiber Installer course (CFI) focuses on Basic Network Design, Fusion Splicing and OTDR testing for those installing, testing, and maintaining fiber optic communication systems in outside plant and premise wiring systems.

Highlights of the course include Fiber Optic Theory, History, Applications; Cable Selection/Preparation; Connectorization/Termination; Enclosures/Cable Management and Optical Loss Testing.

Students work on the latest and greatest fiber optic equipment since we are the number one online fiber optic equipment distributor and are taught the most recent standards which are widely accepted in the telecommunications industry.

BICSI CEC's offered for CFI >> Follow This Link
ETA and Certifications Available!

CFI (4 day) Dates at facility in PA  -  $1,350
Philadelphia, PA Metro area – February 18-21

Philadelphia, PA Metro area - March 17-20

Philadelphia, PA Metro area - April 21-24

Philadelphia, PA Metro area - May 19-22

To register call Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or email

CFI (4 day) Dates at Other Locations (Spring 2008) - $1,500
Orlando, Florida - March 31 - April 3

Baltimore, Maryland - May 12-15

To register call Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or email

BICSI Approved Training Facility
BICSI CEC's offered for CFI >> Follow This Link
ETA and Certifications Available!

For more information about courses vist:

Master Technician (MFOT) - (4 days) - Master Splicing (2day), Master Testing (2day), Master hands-on lab (1 day)

New locations near you! (see schedule below)

10 class hours, 30 hands-on hours

This course encompasses two days of Master Splicing and two Master Testing and a fifth day of hands on labs. Featured are advanced hands-on splicing and testing labs demonstrating advanced procedures and techniques.

Completion of this course will enable you to quickly trouble shoot and get your network properly running. Great for field workers, maintenance and IT Managers handling all aspects of their network systems!

MFOT (5 day) Dates at facility in PA
Philadelphia, PA Metro area – February 25-29

Philadelphia, PA Metro area - April 28- May 2

Philadelphia, PA Metro area - May 26-30

MFOT (5 day) Dates at Other Locations (Spring 2008)
Orlando, Florida - February 18-21

Sacramento, California - March 10-14

Denver, Colorado - March 17-21

Anaheim, California - May 12-16

To register call Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or email

Former students are eligible for a 10% discount!

Course Cancellation Policy: We reserve the right to cancel the master technician course in the event of low attendance and upon cancellation will provide a full refund for any deposit made.
Any questions can be addressed by contacting Julie Nay, training coordinator at

Certified Fiber Installer (CFI) - $1,650 (4 days)
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 21 - 24 (ETA Certification Included!)
Fiber Training In Las Vegas

Seats are limited so sign up now for our 4 day Certified Fiber Installer course being held in Las Vegas, Nevada during the week of April 21-24, two blocks from the main strip.

Contact Julie Nay at to register.

For more information on course details and hotel accomodations, visit:

Download 2008 Course Catalog Download 2008 Course Catalog [100 KB]

Custom On-Site training is available within the Unites States and Worldwide.
For more information call 877.529.9114 or go online at


OTDR Scenarios For FTTH Deployment

By Vincent Racine, Product Manager - Installation & Maintenance

This article contains comprehensive information on proper inspection, cleaning, testing, and connection of fiber segments. All connectors should be tested and cleaned if necessary, using a high magnification fiber test probe. The article shows what a dirty vs. clean connector looks like and offers specifications for using different fiber probes. The proper way to test is included as well as testing instructions for connections inside a patch panel.

An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) needs to be used to obtain an individual measurement of each splice and/or interconnection point on the network. This will give a loss reading to certify that the connection is adequate. The article shows the proper hook-up of an OTDR and sample traces. The final part of this article contains useful troubleshooting information for high insertion loss through the connector or splice point along with other loss issues.

PDF Download a PDF of the Full Article [447 KB] >>


This month we wanted to switch things around a bit, and encourage our customers to get involved. Do not fret, there is still a chance to win a FREE T-Shirt. However, the prize will go to a select few participants who can offer their "worst experience on the job". It could be anything from a disasterous line break or uncanny working conditions to a documentation (or lack there-of) nightmare. Polo Shirts
E-mail your story and/or images to with your name, address, preferred color (Black or White), Size (XXL, XL, L, M or S), and requirements/desires for how to be credited. Participants will be entered into a drawing and a select few winners with the best real-life accounts will have their stories featured in the next upcoming newsletter along with a new T-Shirt. Answers must be received by the 20th of the month for eligibility.

Fiber Enclosure Disaster

Our very own President, Chris LaBonge, has offered to share his "worst experience", exibited by the images below:

"Craftsmanship separates the professional splicers in the field. It may be easier to shortcut a project by ten or fifteen minutes, but someone always ends up paying the price. Here's what happens when you don't mount an enclosure in a manhole and it fills with oil and water. My next task was to try and identify the 'black' fiber."

- Chris LaBonge
Dirty Enclosure1
 Underground Enclosure
Dirty Enclosure2
 Dirty Splice Tray
Suggestions welcome! If you'd like to share something else or have suggestions about a new topic, please e-mail your ideas to

For Those Curious About the Answer to December's Solve & Win:

b) 0.75 dB

Explanation: The TIA/EIA-568-B.3 specifies the maximum insertion loss for a mated connector pair as 0.75 dB.

*There are a limited number of winners each month. Due to international shipping costs, participants outside the United States will receive their prize along with their next order from