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March Issue
Special Announcements:
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The Validator-NT
NT955 Validator-NT™ Ethernet speed verifier with active network testing $1,622.25
(Promo Code: TU0308)

Download NT955 Specs Download Validator-NT™ Specifications [1.2 MB]

For more information contact or call 1.877.529.9114
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Special Introductory Discounts
3% off all Test-Um Equipment (Promo Code: TU0308)
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IVT-600 Tri-Porter
TriPorter™ Triple-Play Tester

The TriPorter™ is the first network installation tester that provides a full range of physical wiring tests for delivery of IP-based voice, data and video services in the home or small office network with one integrated tool.

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(Promo Code: TU0308)
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High Sensitivity Tone Tracer
Professional Tone & Trace Kit
This package includes a High Sensitivity Tone Tracer and Multi-Function Tone Generator in a nylon pouch. With advanced features and ability to identify cable without direct metallic contact are some of this package's features.
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(Promo Code: TU0308)
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ELS LED Light Source
LanScaper™ Network Tester Kit
The LanScaper™ combines the functions of a high-end cable tester/length measurement device with the capability to monitor/correct physical layer network problems. Kit includes 8 remotes allowing convenient testing of multiple lines.
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(Promo Code: TU0308)
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All-cable tester
Testifier™ All Cable Tester
This teste/verifier maps up to 20 locations and shows a clear picture of a wired cable; Whether it's data, coax, telephone, security/alarm or unterminated site wire, it tests them all!
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(Promo Code: TU0308)
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Fujikura FSM 50R12
LanRoamerPRO™ Kit
Measure cable length and clearly identify multiple faults on CAT5/6 with this tester/analyzer. The LanRoamerPRO™ Kit includes 8 remotes for convenient testing of multiple lines.
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Wireless Tester
Wi-Net Window™
Determine the best location for wirless components and analyze security information with this device. Includes advanced mode ping functions and communication with WEP Encrypted networks.
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Who Said So...
After Master in Splicing Training...
Keith Shelton of Tennesee Electric writes:

"I just attended the Master in Splicing training. I have to say it is the BEST hands on ever."

He continues...

"Waiting on this BIG bid to be accepted. VoIP for the WHOLE chemical plant. We are talking miles of fiber and splicing. But we (Tennessee Electric Co.) could not do this with out you all. The Splicing Training was the best and made me and my company feel competent about bidding such a big job. So thank you all at Fiber Optic.Com..."
Keith Shelton
Tennessee Electric

Now Registering for...
Certified Fiber Installer (FOT-CFI) - (4 days) Certified Fiber Installer (CFI) course focuses on Basic Network Design, Fusion Splicing and OTDR testing for those installing, testing, and maintaining fiber optic communication systems and for those involved with outside and premise wiring systems.

BICSI Approved Training Facility
BICSI CEC's offered for CFI >> Follow This Link
ETA and Certifications Available!

For more information about courses vist:

To register call Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or email

Onsite Fiber Optic Training at your Facility

Onsite training is available for the convenience of our customers. If you are unable to travel to our Philadelphia Metro facility or to one of our designated locations then consider training at your location.

Training at your location will save you on employee downtime and numerous travel expenses, plus we accommodate your schedule. In addition, you can choose from any of our fiber optic training programs or have a custom course written to suit your needs*. Destinations include national and international locations. Six student minimum is required.

To inquire, please contact Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or via email

* BICSI Courses are only offered at's training facility in Breinigsville, PA.

Attention Former Students...

Get 10% Off Training

Students who have formerly trained with are eligible to receive 10% off their next training class. This gives students a great way to try out our MASTERS program or gain additional BICSI C.E.C's through's fundamentals and certified installer courses.

To inquire, please contact Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or via email

One Day Workshop

A One Day Workshop has been added to our monthly Certified Fiber Installer course in order to allow new or former students to enhance specific skills on the equipment of their choice.

For more details please contact a sales representative at 877.529.9114 or via email at

Student Tool Kit Discount is offering a 20% discount on its TK-S-100 tool kit for those who have attended one of our courses. This applies to all courses as well as onsite training.

Please contact a sales representative by calling 877.529.9114 or via email at

Get FREE Training

Purchase a FULL PRICE Fusion Splicer or OTDR by March 31st, 2008 and get FREE Trianing!

To inquire, please contact Julie Nay, training coordinator at 484.397.4159 or via email

Download 2008 Course Catalog Download 2008 Course Catalog [100 KB]

Custom On-Site training is available within the Unites States and Worldwide.
For more information call 877.529.9114 or go online at

Introducing our new "Vendor Watch" where you can read the latest on what some of the industry's top manufacturers are doing from EXFO, JDSU and Corning to AFL/Fujikura, Sumitomo and Fitel!

Check it out on

  • EXFO Combines Ethernet, SONET/SDH and OTN Testing in a Single Module
    Article Release: 2/20/2008
    "EXFO Electro-Optical Engineering Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF) announced today the release of the IQS-8120NGE and IQS-8130NGE Power Blazer test modules, the market’s most advanced, fully-integrated, SONET/SDH, OTN and Ethernet solution addressing all multi-service transport equipment testing needs in a single module..."
  • Introducing the Noyes® M700 Mid-Range OTDR
    Article Release: 2/20/2008
    "AFL Telecommunications announces the new Noyes M700 Single-Mode OTDR with integrated Visual Fault Locator and Optical Power Meter. This mid-range OTDR complements Noyes’ current suite of test equipment by broadening their support into longer range single-mode applications. The M700 will be available in May 2008..."
  • JDSU Invents Nano WSS Technology
    Article Release: 2/26/2008
    "JDSU (NASDAQ: JDSU and TSX: JDU) today announced that is has invented the first nano wavelength selective switch (WSS) technology. The Nano WSS includes technology extracted from JDSU’s core Mini WSS technology, and will enable JDSU to develop denser and more highly integrated optical solutions, such as the AON Superblade..."

Due to popular demand, we have reinstated our usual Solve & Win Puzzle. Solve this month's FIBER CHALLENGE question and enter a drawing to win a FREE T-Shirt!* Drawing will close on the 20th of the month.

Answer the following question and simply e-mail the solution to with your name, address, preferred color (Black or White) and Size (XXL, XL, L, M or S). Polo Shirts


The process of generating light energy, where each photon has the same wavelength, phase relationship, and direction as the first photon, is known as ________________.
a) spontaneous emission b) homojunction structure emission
c) stimulated emission d) heterojunction structure emission
Don't know the answer? Don't forget that offers comprehensive introductory & advanced fiber optic training courses! Visit

*There are a limited number of winners each month. Due to international shipping costs, participants outside the United States will receive their prize along with their next order from