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September Issue
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FITEL Introduces New Splice On Connector System

by Steve Harris
Furukawa America Logo

Furukawa America Inc., the leading supplier of FITEL® fiber optic equipment in the Americas, has introduced a new splice on connector termination system that provides users with a remarkably fast and easy to use field-installable connector.

FITEL’s innovative splice-on-connector product consists of a factory-polished ferrule with a pre-cleaved fiber stub along with a high-strength, snap-on connector assembly. The FITEL splice-on-connector does not require polishing. The termination process does not use epoxy or special heaters which results in a dramatically reduced termination time of less than three minutes. The process is simple with little to no learning curve and most importantly ensures a high quality termination. Unlike mechanical and field polished connectors, the splice-on-connector has consistent performance that is not user dependent.

Splice On Connector Package

FITEL’s splice-on-connector product eliminates the guess work involved when using preterminated jumpers for installation applications. The splice-on-connector allows the operator to customize the termination length so that slack storage can be greatly reduced or eliminated. It also eliminates the splice tray required when splicing on pigtails which significantly reduces the fiber management involved for the installation. Furthermore this method allows installers to reduce the costs associated with maintaining various lengths of preterminated jumpers, splice trays, and slack storage enclosures.

In the central office the splice-on-connector proves to be an invaluable tool. You can use the FITEL splice-on-connector to replace your damaged or antiquated connector with a modern SC or FC connection. The product also allows operators to build custom length jumpers, which proves to be very beneficial in this environment.

Splice On Connectors

FITEL’s connector termination system features high quality, GR-326 tested and approved Seikoh Giken connectors, long known for their strength, durability and reliability.

Single-mode and Multimode connectors are available as follows:
SC/UPC; 250um, 900um, 2mm, 3mm
SC/APC; 250um, 900um, 2mm, 3mm
FC/UPC; 250um, 900um, 2mm, 3mm
FC/APC; 250um, 900um, 2mm, 3mm

Splice On Connector Video Watch Splice On Connector Video [9.88 MB]  Splice On Connector Specs View Splice On Connector Specs [988 KB]
BUY NOW ONLINE at or CALL 877.529.9114
Model Description and Options Price
SSCS-PN2 SC/APC Splice on connector for 2mm jackets $17.36
SSCS-PN3 SC/APC Splice on connector for 3mm jackets $17.36
SSCS-PN1 SC/APC Splice on connector for 900µm jackets $17.05
SSCS-P2 SC/UPC Splice on connector for 2mm jackets $16.94
SSCS-P3 SC/UPC Splice on connector for 3mm jackets $16.94
SSCS-P1 SC/UPC Splice on connector for 900µm jackets $16.56
For more information contact or call 1.877.529.9114

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The Fiber School is now offering an extra day where students can design their own lab. Many students who have attended our four day Certified Fiber Installer course have expressed an interest in staying one additional day in order to spend extra time on equipment most relevant to their needs. The four day course follows a specific syllabus so the extra day allows for individuals to focus on personal areas of interest.

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October Military Training

Seats are limited so sign up now for our Fiber Optics for Military Applications Course being held on October 29th an 30th.

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Build confidence in fiber optic testing and splicing and be able to work independently when problems arise by completing our Five Day Master Certification Course. Completion of this course will enable you to quickly trouble shoot and get your network properly running.

The Fiber School Masters Certification program provides hands-on, real life field experience with classroom instruction while providing the opportunity to utilize the latest and best equipment in the industry. Using various labs designed around specific interests, the masters course is a perfect complement for experienced workers and previous Fiber Certified members.


  • Building a Link
  • Power Meter & Light Source Testing
  • Measuring Attenuation
  • OTDR Traces
  • Advanced Fusion Splicing

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Custom On-Site training is available within the Unites States and Worldwide.
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Adtell offers the best quality Fiber Optic services, fiber optic components, test equipment and special application equipment.

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