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The Connector President - Chris LaBonge From the President , Chris LaBonge
We appreciate the opportunity to correspond monthly with our customers, manufacturers and friends. The goal of our newsletter is to provide product and industry information in addition to sharing what is happening with our company. We welcome your comments and feedback anytime. This is an exciting time to be involved in telecommunications and fiber optics. We're seeing more and more fiber being installed around the world and increased demand for fusion splicers, test equipment, consumable items, patchcords and cable management products. We're also seeing positive growth in our training division, especially for advanced testing and splicing courses. Look for new courses to be developed very soon. Enjoy The Connector and I look forward to speaking with you very soon!

Fiber Characterization - Don't settle for just an OTDR trace

Ten years ago a large company would have installed a 10Mpbs network and had bandwidth to spare. Today, we need 10Mpbs at our home. Networks today are more bandwidth intensive and the demand for networks to perform at optimal capacity is more important than ever before.
The growing demand for 10 GigE and 10Gbit/s SONET/SDH systems, as well as the emergence of 40G, requires that more and more fiber links be fully characterized. Adding to the complexity of testing these networks is the type of transmission and the associated bit rate as well as equipment manufacturer specifications, both of which dictate the type of tests to perform and the measurement limits to consider.
Fiber characterization is not simply one test function. Rather, it is a comprehensive suite of point-to-point physical layer optical tests that measures and determines the quality and potential transmission capability of a given optical fiber. Let’s take a look at Fiber characterization and what it includes:
Test Parameters:
• Insertion Loss measurement
• Distance measurement
• Connectors/splice measurements
• Reflectance measurements
• Optical Return Loss (ORL)
• Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)
• Attenuation Profile (AP)
• Chromatic Dispersion (CD)
If just one of these test measurements are not in accordance with defined thresholds (either provided by international standards or by operators/equipment manufacturers), the network will not work properly or will not be upgradeable to high bit rate transmission.
When are Fiber characterization measurements performed during the network lifecycle:
• During the first fiber installation
• During the final commissioning and acceptance
• During fiber and system upgrade
• During break, troubleshooting and maintenance
With the increased demand for fiber characterization and the associated constraints for ensuring proper and reliable measurements, and JDSU have developed a solution that makes complex fiber characterization tests accessible to technicians at every level of your organization.

Fiber Characterization - Products and White Papers

Connector Inspection Products Optical Loss Test Sets
Bandwidth intensive applications running over fiber today are more sensitive to dirt and contamination than older systems transmitting at speeds less than 10Gb/s. Therefore, cleanliness is more important and less forgiving than ever before. The most accurate way to measure overall attenutation in a fiber is to perform insertion loss testing. Insertion loss is the decrease in transmitted signal power in an optical fiber. It is usually expressed relative to the signal power delivered to that same part before insertion. Insertion loss is usually expressed in decibels.
Optical Return Loss Testers OTDR Platforms
The measurement of ORL is becoming more important in the characterization of optical networks as the use of wavelength-division multiplexing increases. These systems use lasers that have a lower tolerance for ORL, and introduce elements into the network that are located in close proximity to the laser. An OTDR is an instrument used to characterize an optical fiber. An OTDR injects a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test. It also extracts, from the same end of the fiber, light that is scattered and reflected back from points in the fiber where the index of refraction changes. The strength of the return pulses is measured and integrated as a function of time, and is plotted as a function of fiber length.
Chromatic Dispersion Test Equipment Polarization Mode Dispersion Testing
Historically chromatic dispersion measurements were conducted at the factory, but with the use of higher data rates it is necessary to measure the chromatic dispersion of installed links. This will validate whether your fiber will be able to operate at 10Gb/s or 40Gb/s. (White Paper) Polarization Mode Dispersion may limit the performance of 10Gb/s and higher data rates on systems operating over very long distances. Unlike CD, this effect can change over time and with differing wavelengths. Therefore, it's important understand how PMD effects YOUR network. (White Paper)

Fiber Characterization test equipment or field services are available from so consider us your top tier fiber optic solution partner. For a sales quote, visit, email or call toll-free 877.529.9114.

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