Fusion Splicers

The modern fusion splicer is an apparatus consists of two movable fixtures on which the fibers are mounted, two electrodes (3 in the "Ring of Fire" patented by 3SAE), a monitor, a heater, and software to guide the alignment fixtures into position and manage the splicing conditions. The fibers are placed into the apparatus, aligned, and then fused together. Most commonly, fusion splicers use electric arcs to heat the fiber ends, causing them to fuse together. The small size of the fusion splicer and the development of automated core alignment aoftware have made electric arc fusion the default standard in commercial applications.

Precision Rated Optics Fusion Splicers
The PRO line of fusion splicers offer exceptional value and performance. These united are supported in the USA and come with a standard 1 year warranty with optional 1-3 year extended warranties.
Ericsson Fusion Splicers
The demands for more specialized and sophisticated splicing equipment for use in industrial applications has increased rapidly. To match this, Ericsson releases a new series of fusion splicers for industrial use.
Fitel Fusion Splicer
The new hand-held unit features an improved heating design that cuts splice-to-heat time by 40 percent, achieving a 9-second splice time and 37-second heat time. The unit is also 40 percent lighter than a conventional unit, yet offers the full functionality and precision of a traditional core-alignment splicer
Fujikura Fusion Splicer
Fujikura FSM-60S Fusion Splicer is the world's most popular fusion splicer, is designed to meet the challenges posed by today's fiber networks. Although small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it's smart and reliable enough to be used with confidence by inexperienced operators.
Sumitomo Fusion Splicer
The splicer utilizes precision High-resolution Direct Core Monitoring (HDCM) technology to form repeatable low-loss splice results. HDCM and Dual Heater technologies, combined with Sumitomo Electric's track record for reliability and customer support, make the FastCat the industry's new standard for fusion splicers.

OTDRs - Optical Time Domain Reflectometers

An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is aa specialized piece of optoelectronic instrumentation used to characterize the loss over distance of an optical fiber.

An OTDR uses a laser to inject a series of optical pulses into the fiber under test. It also received, from the same end of the fiber, light that is scattered and/or reflected back from points in the fiber where the index of refraction changes. The intensity of the return pulses is measured and integrated as a function of time, and is plotted as a function of fiber length. In the field, an OTDR may be used for estimating the fiber's length,perform acceptance testing on a fiber that has been installed, measuring overall attenuation, or locating events including fusion splices and mated-connectors.

Precision Rated Optics OTDR
Precision Rated Optics is a leading manufacturer of communications test and measurement and optical test, and monitoring systems.
Agilent OTDR
Agilent is the world's leading designer, developer, manufacturer and provider of communications components as well as electronic and optical test, measurement and monitoring instruments, systems and ...
The EXFO FTB-1 Mini-OTDR is ideal for occasional or experienced users looking for modularity, ruggedness, ease of use, automation and top-of-the-line optical performance.
Fluke OTDR
Fluke OptiFiberT - Certifying OTDR. New Singlemode Testing Capability. OptiFiber makes it as easy to test fiber as copper - with an intuitive interface and a handheld footprint that mimics our ...
The JDSU / Acterna T-BERD 6000 is a compact and lightweight test platform designed for the installation and maintenance of fiber networks. It offers field service technicians the highest levels of performance and upgradeability on the market. Modular in design
Anritsu / Nettest OTDR
Based upon NetTest's leading OTDR technology and its advanced CMA 5000 Multi-Layer Test Platform, the CMA 4500 takes fiber installation, maintenance and documentation of the network to the next ...
Noyes OTDR
The new Noyes M200 OTDR is the world's first handheld, single-mode and multimode, four-wavelength Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with integrated VFL (visual fault locator).
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