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Fusion Splicer

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An instrument that splices fibers by fusing or welding them, typically by electrical arc.

The process of fusion splicing involves using localized heat to melt or fuse the ends of two optical fibers together. The splicing process begins by preparing each fiber end for fusion. Fusion splicing requires that all protective coatings be removed from the ends of each fiber. The fiber is then cleaved using the score-and-break method. The quality of each fiber end is inspected using a microscope. In fusion splicing, splice loss is a direct function of the angles and quality of the two fiber-end faces.

The basic fusion splicing apparatus consists of two fixtures on which the fibers are mounted and two electrodes. inspection microscope assists in the placement of the prepared fiber ends into a fusion-splicing apparatus. The fibers are placed into the apparatus, aligned, and then fused together. Initially, fusion splicing used nichrome wire as the heating element to melt or fuse fibers together. New fusion-splicing techniques have replaced the nichrome wire with carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers, electric arcs, or gas flames to heat the fiber ends, causing them to fuse together. The small size of the fusion splice and the development of automated fusion-splicing machines have made electric arc fusion (arc fusion) one of the most popular splicing techniques in commercial applications. offers the variety of fusion splicing equipment all with the warranty and maintenance service provided by the manufacturer.
Fusion Splicers by Ericsson Manufacturer
Ericsson Fusion Splicers
The demands for more specialized and sophisticated splicing equipment for use in industrial applications has increased rapidly. To match this, Ericsson releases a new series of fusion splicers for industrial use.
Fusion Splicers by Fitel Manufacturer
Fitel Fusion Splicer
The new hand-held unit features an improved heating design that cuts splice-to-heat time by 40 percent, achieving a 9-second splice time and 37-second heat time. The unit is also 40 percent lighter than a conventional unit, yet offers the full functionality and precision of a traditional core-alignment splicer
Fusion Splicers by Fujikura Manufacturer
Fujikura Fusion Splicer
Fujikura SpliceMateT, the world's smallest and most portable fusion splicer, is designed to meet the challenges posed by today's fiber networks. Although small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it's smart and reliable enough to be used with confidence by inexperienced operators.
Fusion Splicers by Sumitomo Manufacturer
Sumitomo Fusion Splicer
The splicer utilizes precision High-resolution Direct Core Monitoring (HDCM) technology to form repeatable low-loss splice results. HDCM and Dual Heater technologies, combined with Sumitomo Electric's track record for reliability and customer support, make the FastCat the industry's new standard for fusion splicers.
Fusion Splicers by Corning Manufacturer
Corning Fusion Splicer
OptiSplice Premier M90i Fusion Splicer with FBC-006 Cleaver, heavy-duty carrying case with handle and wheels, Crimp & Go® Splice Protection Crimping Device, detachable splice tray holder, USB work lamp, AC power supply with US power cord, 12V rechargeable (quantity three), one-year limited warranty, one-year remote service plan, operators manual, maintenance tool kit

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