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Ericsson Fusion Splicers Directory
Ericsson FSU 925pm Splicer | Request for Quote | Contact
Ericsson Fsu 995 Fa | Request for Quote | Contact
Ericsson Fsu 995 Hs (High Strength) | Request for Quote | Contact
Ericsson Fsu 995 Pm Fusion Splicer | Request for Quote | Contact
Fusion Splicers Directory

The demands for more specialized and sophisticated splicing equipment for use in industrial applications has increased rapidly. To match this, Ericsson releases a new series of fusion splicers for industrial use.

series has all the unique features needed to satisfy demanding requirements of specialized fiber splicing, such as PM splicing, Erbium splicing, and thin core splicing. series consists of two different splicers, each with its own unique features. standard factory applications including high strength splicing, and the FSU PM for splicing Polarization Maintaining fibers.

Ericsson fusion splicers are a world leaders in providing total fusion splicing solutions for industrial splicing, where it requires careful attention to quality. Ericsson's revolutionary new fusion splicers delivers ultra fast splice time and the world's shortest shrink time. This adds up to a total cycle time of less than 45 seconds. The combination of cold image alignment and warm image processing is what makes this technology sizzle.

All Ericsson fusion splicers available new and used:
Ericsson FSU 15 FI fusion splicer
Ericsson FSU 975 fusion splicer
Ericsson FSU AccessMAN fusion splicer
Ericsson FSU 995 FA fusion splicer
Ericsson FSU 995 PM fusion splicer
Ericsson RSU 8 fusion splicer
Ericsson RSU 12 fusion splicer
Also available models:
ericsson, FSU 15 FI, FSU 975, FSU AccessMAN, FSU 995 FA, FSU 995 PM, RSU 8, RSU 12, RSU 24.