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Fitel s122M12 Fusion Splicer

FITEL's line of s122M12 fusion splicers provides an excellent solution for both field and factory splicing applications. FITEL are continually developing and enhancing their product line to meet the needs of customers and increasing worldwide demand. Through their network of regional technical and service centers available across the globe, the customers' technical issues are handled quickly and easily. First fully functional fusion splicer designed specifically for fiber-to-the-home applications. At nearly 1/3 the size of regular fusions splicers, the T-shaped unit can be operated in space-constrained areas using only one hand. Designed for a minimum excess fiber length, the splicer features fully automatic fiber feed, alignment, splicing arc, and tension test. All s122M12 splicing operations can be monitored for accuracy using an integrated CCD camera and a 2.5-inch LCD display.