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FTB-200 Modular OTDR-850/1300/1310/1550

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List Price:$11,710.00
Member Price: $11,475.80
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Item Code:TK-200-S1-D15
Shipping Weight:18.00LB
Products: EXFO FTB-200V2-S1 OTDR Kits: MF & 1 MOD

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Product Description
EXFO's newest, most compact platform was designed to address virtually any network testing scenario a technician could meet in the field. We created this versatile tool with an open architecture, backward-compatibility and powerful, world-leading testing technologies.

New software functionalities, for simpler, faster OTDR testing

The FTB-200 new software, designed for boosting OTDR testing efficiency, is now available.

Built for the supertech
Testing today’s networks requires a supertech. EXFO understands that technicians need to span various mediums, layers and technologies. With this reality in mind, EXFO designed the FTB-200 Compact Platform for multilayer, multimedium testing.

Testing metro/access and FTTx networks
The FTB-200 was designed for supertechs in the field that perform tests on optical and copper for metro/access and FTTx networks. This task requires a compact platform optimized for time-efficient automated tests and in-depth troubleshooting and analysis. The FTB-200 is ideal for testing
  • Construction/installation
  • System provisioning/service activation
  • Maintenance/troubleshooting

Adapting through modularity
A vital strength of the supertech lies in the resources at hand and ability to adapt quickly. The FTB-200 has an open architecture that provides abundant options and excellent adaptability for multimedium and multilayer testing.

The FTB-200 is the most complete compact platform on the market. Equipped with testing applications covering both fiber-optic and copper mediums, supertechs will find that they need only one tool to complete the most important testing and troubleshooting tasks.

Featuring a world-renowned EXFO OTDR series
Testing and troubleshooting will be considerably more efficient with the most trusted OTDR in the industry at your reach. EXFO offers over 20 OTDR modules to meet your long-haul, metro/access and FTTx needs. Other features of our OTDR series include:
  • Modules that test up to four wavelengths
  • Industry’s fastest acquisition times
  • FTTx-optimized modules that combine multimode and singlemode network functions
  • Shortest dead zones in the industry

Testing physical, transport and datacom layers
Using transport and datacom analyzers, you can test the latest standards of Ethernet and SONET/SDH/OTN networks. The FTB-200 can also be used to test Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet for quality of service (QoS) assurance.

Bringing lightweight robustness to the field
The rugged FTB-200 provides readable results on your screen whether you are testing indoors under artificial light, or testing outdoors with the sun shining directly on your screen. Other features include:
  • Lightweight construction (2.2 kg with standard features)
  • Touchscreen resistant to shock, water, dust and common chemicals
  • Dial and shortkeys for easy scrolling and selecting
  • Rugged design meeting GR-196-CORE requirements
  • Extended battery life of up to 8 hours for OTDR modules
  • Door panels for extra port protection

A sound investment
EXFO designed the FTB-200 for high performance and lasting value. Thanks to backward compatibility of the modules, this platform guarantees an excellent return-on-investment (ROI). The FTB-200 is:
  • Future-proof - compatible with future module designs
  • Backward compatible with the FTB-7000B/C generation OTDRs and FTB-3930 OLTS
  • Various methods of transferring information, acquiring upgrades, etc.

 EXFO FTB-200-V2 PDF [2195 KB]

 EXFO FTB-7000 Modules PDF [1381 KB]
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