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FiberOptic Cleaning Products

Canned Air
Formulated with HFC-134a, this exceptionally pure, moisture-free, inert gas removes particles without the use of harmful solvents. Because HFCs do not harm the ozone, this product has a zero ozone depletion factor. Duster removes microscopic ...
Cleaning Solvents (D'Gel)
Removes cable gels, blocking compounds, flooding and filling compounds, grease, tar, and oil.
Cleaning Sticks
Connector cleaning sticks are designed for cleaning fiber optic connector end-faces within alignment sleeves. These sticks use fiberous tips or foam materials to wick liquids and particulate from end-faces, which boosts cleaning quality. They can be
Isopropyl Alcohol
99% reagent grade isopropyl is used in cleaning fiber or connector end faces for better transmission performance.
Kim Wipes
Kimwipes are specially designed paper wipes which can be used for cleaning laboratory equipment and instruments, camera lens and other electronic items etc. These delicate task wipers have been specially designed for cleaning those surfaces where ...
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