Microscopes & Video Probes

Precision Rated Optics Probes And Tips
PRO video inspection probes (VIP) are the go-to choice for high-quality, low-cost video inspection solutions. Pair them with a PRO-CS-125 & 250 for a total inspection and cleaning kit.
EXFO Video Probe and Tips
With EXFO's FIP-400, you have the choice; you can either use it with a PC, with one of our test sets or with our lightweight, handheld monitor. Choose the FIP-400 that works for you.
Fiber Optic Inspection Hand-held Scopes
There are several types of hand-held fiber optic microscopes. The typical microscope magnification level is 200X or 400X. Coaxial, oblique, or dual illumination scopes available.
JDSU - Inspection & Test Kits
Inspect both the bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) sides of fiber interconnect with the JDSU video inspection probe, as well as optical devices located in hard-to-reach places (transceivers)
JDSU/Westover - Probe Tips and Adapters
With over 250 individual tips and adapters specifically engineered for the FBP probe line, JDSU offers the industry's most comprehensive fiber inspection solutions.
JDSU/Westover Scopes & Video Accessories
Westover Microscopes and Video Probes Accessories (batteries, chargers, cases, etc.)
Lightel Inspection Probes
Since 2005 Lightel has been developing eye-safe hand-held video microscopes for inspecting fiber optic connector endfaces. With over 25,000 microscopes designed built and sold, Lightel products are recognized for their quality, reliability and ...
Noyes DFS 1 Digital FiberScope
The Noyes DFS 1 Digital FiberScope supports magnified video inspection of optical fiber connector end-faces.The DFS 1 connects via USB port to AFL's M-series OTDRs and C-series Certification Testers.
Noyes Hand-held Video Inspection Scopes
NOYES video inspection probe fiber scope, designed for inspection of dirty and/or damaged connectors, offers access to connectors in bulkhead adapters in patch panels, or patch cords.
ODM Inspection Probes
The VIS 300 or the VIS 400-HDP fiber inspection scopes allow technicians to inspect and grade fiber endfaces quickly and accurately by delivering the most detailed image possible.

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