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Precision Rated Optics OTDR Line

Precision Rated Optics 3000 Series OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics 3000 Series OTDR is a portable OTDR which is stable and durable and aims at broadcast and telecommunications network measurement. It is also the first OTDR to achieve data share of point-to-point and ...
Precision Rated Optics 301 Series
The OFT-301 Series OTDR is a high performance, easy-to-use diagnostic tool designed for fiber maintenance, locating faults and general troubleshooting.
Precision Rated Optics 5000 Series OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics 5000 Series OTDR is the new generation of intelligent OTDR for use in fiber communications systems . With an increase in optical network construction in cities and suburbs, there is often a need for higher power ...
Precision Rated Optics 6000 Series OTDR
The PRO-6350 Series is a compact multi-functional platform, specially designed for FTTx/WAN applications and can meet all test requirements of installers, contractors and service operators during network installation, construction, maintenance and ...
Precision Rated Optics CWDM OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics CWDM Series OTDR has all the features expected in a hand held OTDR and more. It is available in a variety of wavelengths with up to four wavelengths per unit. The Standard units are 1471/1491/1511/1531nm and ...
Precision Rated Optics FBE-300 Tab. OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics USA made FiberBase® enabled OTDR is controlled by any 2.2 or newer Android® device with Bluetooth capability. The display size is determined by the Droid® device. The PRO-FBE-OTDR is the most affordable ...
Precision Rated Optics Hybrid OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics Hybrid OTDR has 6 tools in one portable package.OTDR - SM 1310/1550, 36/34 dB dynamic rangeChannel Analyzer - Scan eight CWDM channelsVideo Inspection System - Inspect your ...
Precision Rated Optics Modular OTDR'S
The Precision Rated Optics TP-P6 is a compact, modular platform with up to three (x3) functional modules, specifically designed for FTTx/PON applications. The use of “Plug-and-Play” modules allows the TP-P6 to meet all of the test ...
Precision Rated Optics PRO-2 Series OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics 2 Series OTDR is the most affordable Bluetooth-enabled OTDR on the market today. With features typical of more expensive units such as Trace Overlay, Color Display, One-Button Autotest and Event Analysis.
Precision Rated Optics PRO-3 Series OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics 3 Series OTDR is an affordable OTDR w/ Trace Overlay, VFL, Color Display, 1-Button Autotest and Event Analysis included. This unit is available in SM, MM, & QUAD.
Precision Rated Optics PRO-4 Series OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics 4 Series OTDR has a short dead zone, bright 4" color display and with an onboard context sensitive help system the OTDR has a minimal learning curve for all users.
Precision Rated Optics PRO-5 Series OTDR
The Precision Rated Optics 5 Series OTDR performs a wide variety of functions and is a fast, simple to use OTDR with VIP. The PRO-5 Series has a 36dB dynamic range and a 1 meter dead zone.
PRO FTP1 Handheld OTDR
The PRO FTP-1 OTDR Series boasts massive OTDR testing power in a small, ruggedized handheld package. Designed for FTTx applications, the FTP-1 is also available with an optional Light Source, Power Meter and VFL.
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