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Bare Fiber Adapters
Bare Fiber Adapters (BFA) for OTDRs and Fiber Optic Power Meters.
Broadband Wireless Radios
Carrier-class broadband wireless radios deliver native Ethernet and TDM services over point-to-point links in various sub-6 GHz frequencies.
Cable And Antenna Analyzers
To keep up in today's rapidly evolving wireless communications market, you need tools that enable you to efficiently maintain legacy networks in addition to the new 3G and 4G networks now being installed. And with rate of market expansion, you're ...
Cable Management
Hoffman Fiber Optic or copper cable management system. rack & ladder cable management system or system cabinet w. rack mount enclosure
Copper Cables
Plenum, Riser and General Purpose
Couplers - Splitters - Isolators
Couplers, Splitters 850/1300/1310/1550
CWDM Testing Equipment
EXFO CWDM Testing Units
DWDM Testing Equipment
DWDM Testing Units
Enclosures (OSP & Premise)
FIber Optic Wall & Rack Mount Enclosures. Can be preloaded with Fiber Optic adapter plates, pigtials and splice trays.
Ethernet Testers
These testers provide a complete test solution for next generation Ethernet networks. These field portable units provide all the required test functions for installation and maintenance of 10G Ethernet networks.
Fiber Characterization
Fiber Link Characterization and Network Characterization are a comprehensive suite of point-to-point physical layer optical tests that measure and determine the quality and potential transmission capability of a given optical fiber network
Fiber Optic Blowing Products
General Machine products, a pioneer in the aerial and underground outside plant (OSP) tools, is leading the way with innovative fiber optic cable blowing and pulling products.
Fiber Optic Break Locators
The OBL-201A is a high performance optical fiber trouble shooter for locating fiber breaks and high loss events. It detects the break location in the fiber (1550nm ± 20nm) and displays the result on the LCD screen. This portable, easy to use ...
Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber optic cable, Premise and outside plant configurations available. From long haul aerial applications to Premise Fiber Optic cable for Datacenter use.
Fiber Optic Channel Analyzers
Handheld CWDM Optical Channel Checkers are specially designed for CWDM installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, which are able to measure and monitor power values of up to 18 CWDM channels.
Fiber Optic Light Sources
EXFO,, Nettest
Fiber Optic Patch Cord
Fiber optic patch cords create flexability with in your network. Ask about cross connect solutions.
Fiber Optic Payout Reels
The family of fiber cable payout reels are designed around a heavy-duty, polystyrene carrying spool that can quickly deploy multi-conductor high strength optical cable. Ballistic nylon sleeves protect the optical connectors while paying-out or ...
Fiber Optic Pigtail Packs
Fiber Optic Pigtails for splicing Fiber Optic Cable. pigtails instock or on order. Singlemode, Multimode and Laser Optimized fiber, SC, ST, LC and SCAPC instock.
FIber Optic PON Meters
PON Meters are used in FTTx applications to test all three wavelengths 1550 (CATV), 1490 (Phone and Interent), and 1310 (back traffic), on a fiber network.
Fiber Optic Power Meters
EXFO,, Nettest
Fiber Optic Return Loss Meters
Ensures quick and reliable testing of the return loss of an optical system. High return loss values are essential for ensuring the signal quality especially with CATV & FTTx networks.
Fiber Optic Spectrum Analyzers
Compact Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA).
Fiber Optic Test Set Kits
EXFO,, Nettest
FTTX Cables
Factory-terminated drop cables are the final piece of the FTTx System. The quarter-turn latching and sealing mechanism of the connector provides quick and easy “plug and play” connections to multiport terminals, enabling lighting fast service ...
Fusion Splicers
Fujikura, Precision Rated Optics, INNO, Corning, Ilsintech, Fitel & Sumitomo
GO-Kits - PRO
Specific fiber testing kits designed for real world applications.
Inspection Scopes and Probes
Westover,, EXFO, Noyes
The Sumix Interferometer line is used for inspection of single fiber ST, FC, SC, LC, MU, SMA E2000 (PC and APC), small format multi fiber MT-RJ (PC and APC) and MPO/MTP connectors. A must for anyone who needs to verify the end face geometry of ...
Network Testing Solutions
Network Testing Solutions.
Optical Fault Locators
It detects the break location in the optical fiber and displays the result on the LCD. This portable, easy to use device is an ideal instrument for fiber cable construction and maintenance.
Optical Fiber Identifiers
The unit eliminates the need to open the fiber at the splice point for identification; eliminating the probability of interrupting service.
Optical Time Domain ReflectometerTesters
FiberBase FOTS OTDR Kits
OTDR Software
OTDR export, storage, and analysis software. Including the exclusive TraceVault OTDR software for all brands and models of OTDRs.
Patch Cord and Cable Testers
These are useful tools designed for checking the Fiber ports in both MM and SM assemblies, or checking for defects in a MPO arrayed fiber cable.
Polishing Tools
Equipment used to polish fiber optics connectors from polishing paper to polishing pucks.
Protective Equipment Cases
Equipment Cases For Storing and Protecting Equipment
Pulse Suppressors
OTDRs require launch and receive test cables to measure the end-to-end loss of optical fiber links.
Plenum, Riser and General Purpose
Security Products
Security Products
Service Main
Equipment Servicing
SFP's - Small Form Pluggable
SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) transceivers (SFPs) are hot-swappable input/output optical and electrical transceiver units, each providing a different interface according to known compliance standards and pre-determined specifications.
Splice On Connectors
Splice-on Connectors utilize a fiber fusion splicer to terminate fiber optic connectors in the field, addressing return loss concerns present in analog optical networks.
Talk Sets
Fiber optic talk set consists of both the fiber optic light source and transceivers, which carry voice over the spare fiber in both directions. When doing the test work, technicians may need remote location communication during the measurement or ...
Test Equipment
Test Equipment
Tools & Tool Kits
Tools & Supplies
Transport & Datacom
Whether you require Ethernet Testers, SONET/SDH Testers, Fiber Channel Testers or Triple Play Testers we have your basis covered.
Visual Fault Locators
Wilcom,, EXFO, Nettest
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