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Precision Rated Optics PRO-4 OTDR

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The Precsion Rated Optics PRO-4 Series OTDR is available in Multimode, Singlemode or QUAD (850/1300/1310/1550). This OTDR has a light source, power meter, VFL, and inspection probe options built in. Ships with case, power supply, software, and accessories.

The PRO-4 Series OTDR has a 36dB dynamic range and a 1 meter dead zone.
These specifications, and a full set of operational modes (such as: one
button fault finder, construction, real time and full manual), make it
perfect for testing and troubleshooting requirements in LAN networks
to Metro networks. The PRO-4 Series OTDR is available in the following configurations.


Print professional reports that can include loss tests set measurements
and connector end face images with the included “CertSoft” certification software suite.